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June 26, 2017

TeleComputing sells consultancy company Kentor to European IT-giant

TeleComputing has made en agreement which means that Sopra Steria acquires IT consultancy company Kentor with 330 employees and business operations in Stockholm, Göteborg and St. Petersburg. Kentor has since 2007 been a company in the TeleComputing group. The agreement means that TeleComputing will cultivate and strengthen the strategic focus on its core business.


We see this as a very positive solution for all parties. Kentor, a very strong and reputable consultancy company, will be part of an international enterprise with similar focus, values and business operations. And TeleComputing, a leading Nordic provider of flexible and hybrid cloud services, can cultivate its strategic business development focusing on both existing and new markets, says Terje Mjøs, CEO TeleComputing.

Kentor offers services in digital transformation, system integration, system development and IT-consultancy. The company was founded in 1983 and has since enjoyed a very stable growth with good results. Kentor has been part of the TeleComputing group since 2007.

– There are many advantages with this merger, especially for Kentor as we now will have a more natural home and resources to increase our market share in Sweden. As an added bonus, we gain access to an international market which will be an advantage both to our customers and staff. We have so much in common with Sopra Steria, and we complement each other very well both in business and culture, says Fredrik Arbman, Kentor´s CEO. 

This proposed transaction is subject to the usual public conditions that apply. If it is approved, Sopra Steria could consolidate Kentor in its accounts in the 2nd half of 2017.


For more information, please contact:
TeleComputing                       Terje Mjøs, CEO                      +47 915 06 570                   www.telecomputing.com             Sopra Steria                            Kjell Rusti, CEO Scandinavia +47 908 26 026                   www.soprasteria.com/en         Kentor                                      Fredrik Arbman, CEO             +46 70 896 50 60               www.kentor.se

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