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July 10, 2017

TeleComputing offers cloud services with data storage in Sweden and Norway

On the 10th of July, Microsoft launches the local cloud service version of Azure. Azure Stack is a new hybrid cloud solution that makes it possible to provide cloud services from a data centers in Sweden and Norway.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud service platform that includes storage, virtual servers, and over a hundred different types of services. Azure Stack is a local solution that allows companies and organizations to use Azure services with Swedish and Norwegian data centers, without the need for their data to leave the country.

– TeleComputing is one of the leading suppliers of cloud services in the Nordics and has a wide range of IT services covering all our customer demands. Azure Stack is therefore a natural part of our service offering. This service will provide a great choice for the customer because they can choose exactly where to store their data. No other cloud platforms have that kind of flexibility, says Kjell-Tore Espeseth, CTO at TeleComputing.

Azure Stack will provide better performance for Swedish and Norwegian customers and facilitate industries that worries about having their data storage abroad.

– Swedish and Norwegian companies wants to use cloud services on their own terms. Azure Stack will make it both safer and easier for companies to digitize and modernize their infrastructure, says Joacim Damgard, CEO of Microsoft Sweden.

Read more from Microsoft here: https://aka.ms/azurestackishere


For more information:
Patrik Lännerberg, Sales & Marketing Manager TeleComputing Sweden AB.
Email: patrik.lannerberg@telecomputing.se, +46 701 800 830

Kjell-Tore Espeseth, CTO, TeleComputing.
Email: kjell.tore.espeseth@telecomputing.no, + 47 934 83 762

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