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January 8, 2018

TeleComputing actively working to address CPU vulnerability

Google has discovered a CPU vulnerability in the processor design used by among others Intel. This vulnerability affects all of IT, but the likelihood of vulnerability being exploited is very small. TeleComputings absolute priority is keeping customers secure, and we are now working on several fronts to address the vulnerability. We ask all our customers to be aware when visiting websites and when opening e-mails and attachments.

In which areas does the vulnerability apply?
The vulnerability applies on every PC, servers, data centres and cloud platforms, and may affect all manufacturers and all operative systems.

What is TeleComputing doing?
In the early hours of Thursday, TeleComputing analyzed available information, and the patches that were available.

We have concluded that there are dependencies twith Anti-Virus (Trend) that must be fixed in order to patch. Trend is working on an update that will be released shortly.

In the meantime, TeleComputing decided to start patching test environments and pilot environments as a first step. We do this in order to evaluate the effect of a roll out of the recommended patches.

The affected platforms are Managed Client (PCs), virtual servers, Windows, Citrix (Windows and XenServer) and Linux.

As soon as the patching of the test- and pilot environments have been done, roll out of the patches will be decided. In connection with the patching process, a reduction of performance may occur. The reduction of performance will be larger for older PCs with older processors.

TeleComputing is strengthening the surveillance of CPUs, workload and readiness to handle alarms from CPU until issues with performance is solved.

TeleComputing will continue to monitor the situation, and together with the manufacturers of hardware, we will keep you updated on what actions we do.

What is Microsoft doing?
Microsoft is also working actively to update its clud platform Azure, and some of the virtual machines must restart for the patches to be effective. Affected customers have received information from Microsoft. Microsoft detail their actions to address the vulnerability in Azure here.

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