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Windows 10

Windows 10 – a modern security solution for you and your company

In the summer of 2015, Windows launched its best and most secure operating system to date. The updated version equips users for the digital reality that faces them today and in the future. The operating system, which has many improvements and advantages, is already being used by more than 300 million people. This growth has exceeded Windows 7 use and, so far, Windows 10 stands a good chance of becoming Microsoft’s most popular operating system ever.

What's the most important reason to upgrade to windows 10?

Security for you and your data

The Windows 10 operating system will protect you from criminal and destructive software. The criminal activity we face these days is increasingly cunning so it is crucial for you and your data to be well protected. This means our security needs to be far more comprehensive than it was even four years ago. 

In the time since Windows launched its previous operating system in 2012, criminals have been busy developing methods for controlling machines and technology and many vulnerabilities have come to light. This means that the best way to protect yourself from hackers is to update to the newest version of Windows. We will help to equip you and your company for the future.


The developers of Windows 10 have been inspired by feedback from actual users, which means that the content fits the needs of those who use the system every day. One innovative feature is the personalised desktop whereby the machine adapts itself to the user, learning their habits and needs. Also included in the suite is Microsoft Edge: a new browser which includes an annotation tool allowing you to draw and make notes directly on your web page. Cortana is the operating system’s personal assistant and helps the user to search for and retrieve information.

The operating system has four completely new and revolutionary security features that will keep you safe when dealing with the digital challenges of the future. With biometric login, it is practically impossible for a hacker to steal your username and password, and the computer can only be unlocked with the user’s personal biometrics. Windows 10 has fingerprint, facial and iris recognition, making for an easier and more secure user experience. For example, you can unlock your machine with just a look or a touch.

Windows Defender
The security solution that protects you every minute of the day and night. The system discovers and stops threats even before the user is aware there is anything going on. The program removes and destroys malware, viruses and spyware.

Windows firewall
Network protection that keeps out hackers and destructive software by erecting a barrier between your machines and the outside world.

SmartScreen filter
Protects you while you’re using browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. Keeps a constant eye on your software, making sure that you’re protected from dangerous programs and phishing sites.

Windows Hello
Biometric unlocking and multi-factor authentication of your machine. This is the safest, easiest and quickest method currently available on the market. 

The system is constantly updated so that you are always protected with the best security features, even as your system or computer ages.

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