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Office 365 - the sky`s the limit

Office 365 will meet many of your IT reguirements, but there`s a lot more to providing a complete solution for your IT operations!

Office 365 is offered on a subscription basis and includes access to the Office suite and other productivity services activated online (cloud services), such as online meetings using Skype for Business and e-mail with Exchange Online for business, as well as extra online storage space with OneDrive and worldwide Skype minutes.

But there’s a lot more to providing a complete solution for your IT operations!

  • PC operations
  • Server and application operations
  • Network operations
  • And last but not least, support

TeleComputing has a complete set of standardised IT services which, together with Office 365, will meet the entirety of a company’s IT needs.

This is how you save money with Office 365


Stable costs

Office 365 is built on a licensing model which means that you only pay for the functions you need.


Scalable solutions

You can increase or reduce the number of users according to your needs and you only pay for the licences in use.


Storage space

The price includes safe and virtually unlimited storage space (1TB).


Always up to date

Upgrades are included, meaning you always have the latest version of an application.

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Office 365 with TeleComputing

Office 365 by itself will not meet a company’s need for efficient and reliable IT operations. When you buy Office 365 independently from an IT supplier, you’ll be responsible for many things beyond the actual purchase:

  •  Managing the purchase and activation of licences
  •  Monitoring
  •  Setting up, moving and managing user mailboxes and distribution lists
  •  Training
  •  Managing anti-spam and anti-virus relays
  •  Managing isolated mobile devices (ActiveSync)
  •  Configuring rules (policy) for mobile devices
  •  Solving synchronisation problems
  •  Managing address books
  •  Solving problems related to the accessing of other mailboxes
  •  Managing Lync user policy
  •  Implementing SIP integration with Lync
  •  Verifying effective AD synchronisation with Office 365 (DirSync/ADFS)
  •  Troubleshooting mismatches between AD and Office 365 

Let a specialist do the job

Avoid the worry of these responsibilities and let a specialist do the job for you. We are specialists in cloud services and supplying complete solutions for IT operations, so we can manage all of this more effectively and at a more affordable price than you could normally do in-house.
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