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Office 365 - the sky's the limit

Office 365 will meet many of your IT reguirements, but there`s a lot more to providing a complete solution for your IT operations!

Office 365 is offered on a subscription basis and includes access to the Office suite and other productivity services activated online (cloud services), such as online meetings using Skype for Business and e-mail with Exchange Online for business, as well as extra online storage space with OneDrive and worldwide Skype minutes.

But there’s a lot more to providing a complete solution for your IT operations!

  • PC operations
  • Server and application operations
  • Network operations
  • And last but not least, support

TeleComputing has a complete set of standardised IT services which, together with Office 365, will meet the entirety of a company’s IT needs.

This is how you save money with Office 365

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Office 365 with TeleComputing

Office 365 by itself will not meet a company’s need for efficient and reliable IT operations. When you buy Office 365 independently from an IT supplier, you’ll be responsible for many things beyond the actual purchase:

  •  Managing the purchase and activation of licences
  •  Monitoring
  •  Setting up, moving and managing user mailboxes and distribution lists
  •  Training
  •  Managing anti-spam and anti-virus relays
  •  Managing isolated mobile devices (ActiveSync)
  •  Configuring rules (policy) for mobile devices
  •  Solving synchronisation problems
  •  Managing address books
  •  Solving problems related to the accessing of other mailboxes
  •  Managing Lync user policy
  •  Implementing SIP integration with Lync
  •  Verifying effective AD synchronisation with Office 365 (DirSync/ADFS)
  •  Troubleshooting mismatches between AD and Office 365 

Let a specialist do the job

Avoid the worry of these responsibilities and let a specialist do the job for you. We are specialists in cloud services and supplying complete solutions for IT operations, so we can manage all of this more effectively and at a more affordable price than you could normally do in-house.
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