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Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM&S)

Enterprise Mobility + Security: Identity, mobility and security

Give your employees access to all of their applications and programs. All you need is a username and password.

Leave work at the workplace. Help employees to be more productive and keep company and personal apps separate. Stream programs from the data centre or cloud to enable users to be productive everywhere and on all kinds of devices, while keeping your data safe.

What does EM&S include?

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Why do we need Enterprise Mobility + Security?


  • Complete solutions, intuitive control and ID-driven security help you to stay productive and safe on any type of device.
  • You can protect your company with identity-driven security.
  • You can give your employees the access, apps and recognised experience that they need together with inbuilt security that doesn’t get in the way.
  •  You will have control of your company’s apps and be able to keep them separate from those on your employees’ personal mobile devices.
  • Your employees won’t need to remember different passwords for different apps. One logon – one time!

We will build the right solution for you
We can help you and your company by customising, integrating and configuring components to make them fit into your own specific work processes and security policy.

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