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Azure Stack

Azure Stack - The strength of Microsoft Azure but without leaving Sweden/Norway.

Azure Stack is a cloud service, which, like Microsoft Azure, means both openness and flexibility, but is located in your local data center in Sweden or Norway.

Azure Stack differs from similar products because your data does not leave the country. At the same time, the solution is guaranteed consistent with Microsoft Azure. This means that the servers and services used can also be delivered from Microsoft Azure. With Azure Stack as a component in your IT environment, you get a fully functional hybrid delivery.

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Azure & TeleComputing- a flexible alternative

As a company or an organization, you can have a variety of needs that make it impossible to use a cloud service located with Microsoft.
For example, it may be:

Data Sovereignty
For certain types of data, there may be legal requirements for where it is allowed to store it. For example: "These data may not be stored outside Sweden/Norway".

Bandwidth Requirements
For example: "Evry 4th hour we need to move X GB data into our analysis database. It takes too long if we do not have at least 10Gbit / sec. "

Compliance rules 
These are requirements from organizations and authorities both nationally and internationally. For example, "We are required to know who is handling our data" or: "Because we are certified according to ISO X, we need our suppliers to do Y."

With different placements of different types of data there is a possibility to handle different costs. For example, "We have some data that has a high security class and that data is stored in place X, then we have other data that has normal security class and that data is stored at location Y, which means that it will be less costly with Azure Stack."

Latency Sensitivity (Sensitivity to Network Delays)
The challenge with network delays is that it does not matter what bandwidth is available. Network delays often depend on the distance between, for example, the database and the application itself. The solution is generally to ensure that application and database are located close to each other.

A hybrid solution with local data center in Sweden or Norway

With Azure Stack from TeleComputing, you can easily move to the cloud without worrying about breaking any of the rules and laws that apply to data handling. In addition, we have local support that is familiar with your business and at the same time you have the opportunity to influence agreements, SLA and price models to suit your business.


Curious? This is what you do
We have customers who have worked and tested the platform for a long time, and we will be among the first to offer production-ready Azure Stack, through our own local data centers.

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