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Microsoft Azure – the market-leading platform for cloud services

Azure is an open and flexible cloud services platform which can easily be integrated into your existing IT environment. Microsoft has cloud and platform services based at its data centres in several different locations around the world, with those in Ireland and the Netherlands being closest to Norway and Sweden. 

With Azure, you get fast access to virtual servers, storage space and other components used for building up a complete IT solution.

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Azure and TeleComputing a flexible alternative

When you hire Azure infrastructure and platform services, you get fast access to virtual servers, storage space and other components that can be used for building a complete IT solution. The services become accessible within a few minutes and you are only invoiced for the resources you use. Not only is this very flexible, but there is also an opportunity to set up services at various sites worldwide if you have users in different parts of the world, for instance.


This type of solution can, in many ways, be likened to the hiring of a kitchen where everything you need in terms of infrastructure and for making food is accessible to you, but at the same time you only pay for the resources you use. This gives you full flexibility if you want to develop and manage your own IT solutions. However, for customers who don’t want to be both “chef and waiter”, TeleComputing can also offer the design, implementation and operation of IT solutions based on a public cloud service like Microsoft Azure. TeleComputing can supply Microsoft Azure by monthly invoicing in arrears based on usage. This is a considerably easier method compared to other, more usual, forms of contract where you pay in advance based on an estimated annual usage. So by using Azure from TeleComputing, you save on costs and avoid the difficulty of estimating usage, the insecurity of paying upfront and the risk of disparity between actual and estimated usage.

Azure offers superb compatibility with modern web applications and can also be used with many existing applications. In some cases there may well be a need to combine solutions built on Azure with existing or more traditional IT solutions. In this case, TeleComputing can help with integrations, providing identical username/passwords for several services, for example, or integrated cloud solutions, which allow the storage and management of data locally in Norway combined with services from Microsoft’s international data centres.

Data storage in Norway or Sweden? TeleComputing Hybrid Cloud gives you the option to choose.
A solution from TeleComputing can give you services from Microsoft Azure integrated with IT services from our existing data centres and Norwegian cloud solutions. This means you can choose to keep everything with Microsoft or locally in Norway or Sweden, or have a hybrid combination where some services are delivered in Norway and Sweden and others from Microsoft’s international data centres.

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Advantages of the TeleComputing Hybrid Cloud:

– All of the advantages of cloud solutions without compromising on data storage and data security requirements.
– A modern, future-oriented and scalable platform covering all of your IT needs.– Market-leading performance and security.– A flexible solution adjusted according to demand, where you only ever pay for the resources you use.

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