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IT-consultancy services

We help our customers succeed in their projects and IT solutions.

Tactical and strategic level guidance is normally a prerequisite for the right investments to succeed. We help our customers to see the possibilities of new technology and also help them to prepare plans for how the organisation will acquire it. We also offer taxable benefit calculation and business case assistance in relation to IT investment.

When it comes to IT management and change management, it goes without saying that we are particularly strong in terms of cloud-based solutions and IT operations. However, we are not confined to these areas alone. We also have consultancy expertise in other areas.


Project management

One key factor in any project is effective guidance towards set goals and conditions. At TeleComputing, we are highly focused on ensuring that our methodology is constantly evolving and that the project is being continuously evaluated. Our project methodology is tried and tested and built on PPS/Prima, which has developed more than 1,200 migration projects.

Whenever an idea is realised, it nearly always involves a large or small change. Such changes are best implemented through a project and follow-up exercise directed by a well-qualified team. The attitude towards the change management can often be a decisive factor in the eventual success of a project.

We deliver several hundred projects every year and have an excellent grasp of what is required for ensuring the success of your project. 

Of course, no technical solution will be successful without the correct technical expertise. At TeleComputing, we always ensure that our personnel have the relevant qualifications, achieved through external training and certification. Our technical personnel cover our core areas of cloud services, networks, client management, operating systems and security.

Why TeleComputing?
At TeleComputing we take responsibility for our services. We know that our investigations, feasibility studies, projects and exercises must be operated and managed over a period of time in an efficient manner. We often administer our customers’ IT systems and this gives an extra dimension to the quality assurance of our project deliveries. 

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Our customers

Our customers represent a wide cross-section of Nordic business. We currently handle IT operations for, among others, major private health providers, consultancy firms, auditing and legal service providers, companies in the construction, offshore and shipping sectors, property management companies and finance and insurance houses.

We also have many customers in the industrial and wholesale and retail sectors, as well as customers in a range of organisations and associations.

This gives us unique insight into IT operations for different requirements – knowledge that will benefit you in the shape of better and more innovative solutions for secure, efficient and uncomplicated IT operations. Additionally, you can be assured of a substantial reduction in your IT operating costs.


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