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Cloud services

Welcome to the market's most modern platform for cloud services.

Many business leaders don’t understand what cloud services are or how they could be used in their own businesses. This can lead to them missing out on major benefits and reduced operating expenses.

Briefly speaking, cloud services are where programs, files and documents are stored on the internet, or more precisely, on servers that are operated and maintained by somebody other than yourself. You access your programs, files and documents online but experience it as though everything is local on your own PC.

Just as we have many names for our loved ones, cloud services are also known as cloud computing or ASP Companies that don’t develop server and IT solutions of their own save a lot of time and money, and simultaneously acquire more secure business operations, by using cloud services.

Efficient IT operations? This is what you need:

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Why choose TeleComputing?

With cloud services from TeleComputing, you’re always charged a fixed monthly price per user. This makes it very easy to calculate the price when increasing or reducing the number of employees, and the price changes the following month.

As a TeleComputing customer, you only pay for what you actually use. You no longer need to worry about purchasing expensive computer equipment that will be obsolete within three years or the expense of running a costly IT department.

A large part of IT operations involves software updating, compatibility safeguarding and the patching of security holes. TeleComputing is always ahead of the game when it comes to updating and patching, giving you the latest functionality while keeping your system secure against cyberattacks and viruses.

Skytjenester fra TeleComputing

Furthermore, a number of our servers are well protected, deep inside Norway’s mountains where there is minimal risk from natural disasters, fire and theft – these are all ever-present risks to on-premises equipment. Our data centres are amongst the safest in the world.


We are always available should you have any problems with our services. Our best agreements give you 24-hour support every day of the year: something which is particularly important for companies that use rota systems for employees or have premises in different time zones.

Technology is progressing by leaps and bounds and so are the cloud services that we deliver. The time when you used your PC for everything is long gone, so naturally the software we supply also supports smart phones and tablets. Does your company need a solution that is out of the ordinary? Then there’s a strong possibility that we can develop it for you. We have been creating customised IT solutions for more than twenty years and have extensive experience of using cloud services in all sectors. Here are some of the sectors that we currently support.


TeleComputing’s data centres are integrated with Microsoft Azure. This means that you can either use Azure with our Norwegian data centres or Microsoft’s own international data centres. Some companies have strict rules regarding data security or are sceptical about storing their data abroad. That’s why TeleComputing gives you the choice and offers you the same services regardless of where your data is stored. You can also choose a combination using TeleComputing’s Hybrid Cloud. This allows you to have your own private cloud network with us in Norway combined with the benefits of Microsoft’s best cloud services.

Read more at (Norwegian): Microsoft has named TeleComputing as its best supplier of hybrid cloud services.

Our customers?

Our customers represent a wide cross-section of Nordic business. We currently handle IT operations for, among others, major private health providers, consultancy firms, auditing and legal service providers, companies in the construction, offshore and shipping sectors, property management companies and finance and insurance houses. We also have many customers in the industrial and wholesale and retail sectors, as well as customers in a range of organisations and associations.

Our website shows some of the sectors we have worked with the most, offering them completely unique solutions.


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