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Oil, gas and shipping

We can help replace fixed IT costs and major investments with variable costs linked to the customer’s level of activity

The offshore and shipping sector faces many challenges but TeleComputing can help by delivering robust and effective IT solutions. We can help to replace fixed IT costs and major investments with variable costs linked to the customer’s level of activity.

Working with some of the largest companies in this sector, we can proudly call ourselves one of the world’s leading suppliers. No other player in the field of offshore IT operations can match the length and breadth of our own experience. A common feature of these companies is that much of their communications and IT operations take place a long way out at sea.

Workplaces move across borders and outside of the infrastructure that we’re accustomed to having on land. These features present a unique set of challenges that TeleComputing has a wealth of experience in solving.

We are where you are

Times are tough in oil – so reduce your costs!

TeleComputing is one of only a few Norwegian IT suppliers having technical staff with offshore certification. This is a priority for us since we prefer to send our own people out to the oilfield where our customers are working and need to prepare them for working under the same conditions.

As a result, we understand better than anyone how important it is to have reliable and secure IT operations offshore, and what our customers want and need. Our employees are always ready to assist you when problems arise, no matter where in the world you may find yourself.

Times have been tough lately with lower oil prices and increased uncertainty. This has led to downsizing for most companies in the sector, with no corresponding reduction in the cost of IT operations. In effect, this increases the cost of IT solutions per employee.

When you use TeleComputing for IT operations, you pay a fixed price per employee in your business. That means the cost is both flexible and predictable if you scale your business up or down.

When you make major investments in internal systems, the costs don’t go down if you temporarily or permanently reduce operations. With TeleComputing there is no lock-in period and if you reduce your workforce, the cost of our services reduces with immediate effect. 

Don’t tie up your capital and costs – get better IT services

If there is one thing that the majority of businesses here at home have come to learn, it’s that big upturns and difficult downturns are not as far away as you might think. That’s why it pays to use smart solutions that don’t tie up your capital. It’s also important to have systems that are flexible enough to follow development in the business, whichever way it may go.

But you shouldn’t compromise on your choice of services or quality of product just because you don’t have the necessary expertise internally. The pace of development is furious, requiring expertise that can keep abreast of all aspects of software and IT operations.

5 advantages of using TeleComputing for IT operations in the shipping and offshore sector


Reduced costs

Downsizing companies are not the only ones to save money by outsourcing their IT operations. It’s difficult for in-house IT to keep up with the expert knowledge needed in every area of a system. 

Hiring in consultants is expensive when combined with the cost of equipment and permanent IT staff, and often much more than the predictable costs of outsourced IT.


Certified personnel

TeleComputing is one of only a few Norwegian IT suppliers having technical staff with offshore certification.

This is a priority for us since we prefer to send our own people out to the oilfield where our customers are working and need to prepare them for working under the same conditions.


Better IT services

Delivering good IT services and stable solutions offshore is a major challenge. Expectations of better services and higher bandwidth continue to grow, not merely on operational grounds but also from the point of view of employee well-being. 

We have been meeting these challenges for our customers for a long time, making sure we can deliver the same standard of IT services at sea as on land. 
Our new communications platform on the Norwegian continental shelf also offers the possibility of delivering services from our own data centre.


Reliable and predictable services

Our data centres are amongst the safest in the world, protected against both cyberattacks and mother nature. All of your data is secure with us, and we guarantee almost continuous uptime through our SLA. 

And if our systems should fail, you have the right to compensation. In-house IT systems will never be able to match such terms.


Technological pioneers

Vårt tekniske personell har jobbet med IT-drift for offshore og shipping i nærmere 20 år, og vært med på å drive utviklingen fremover.

Vi har en helt unik bransjekompetanse, og i tillegg teknikere med offshore-sertifisering. Vi vet hva som fungerer, og kan tilby skreddersydde løsninger for din bedrift.

Microsoft gold partner

A unique partnership with Microsoft

TeleComputing is one of Microsoft’s most important service-provider partners and we spend a lot of time working with Microsoft to develop and customise services to suit Nordic businesses and conditions.

Our close partnership with Microsoft means we are amongst the first in the world to launch new Microsoft solutions. Our customers benefit from this by gaining access to the latest and most effective IT solutions on the market.
Guld Partner_enkel png.png
Hosting Partner of the Year 2014, 2015, 2016 and "Best New Hybrid Offering 2016"

For the third consecutive year, TeleComputing took home Microsoft’s Hosting Partner of the Year award. The award was made on the basis that we are forward-looking, concentrate on the latest technology and have made important contributions to Microsoft’s cloud initiative. In addition, we received the award for Best New Hybrid Offering 2016, which in practice means we are the best in class for combining local Norwegian cloud services with Microsoft’s global cloud solutions.

The partnership with Microsoft has made it possible for TeleComputing to offer the most modern cloud services platform on the market.

Hybric cloud of the year.jpg
Kjell Tore Espeseth accepts the award for "Best New Hybrid Offering 2016" at the Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit.

Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure play key positions in our service provision

Office 365 occupies a natural position within every business or organisation. No other productivity tool is as inclusive or can offer collaborative working to the same degree as the latest office package from Microsoft. This is Office at its best – always up to date and on all of your devices.

Office 365 prod.png
However, IT is not always about providing office support alone: most businesses have a range of business-critical applications. Critical solutions deserve secure and optimised technical platforms based on technology from Microsoft and other leading players. For this we can offer, among other things, Microsoft Azure cloud services either from Microsoft’s international data centres or locally from our secure sites in Norway.
TCHybridCloud 2.png
If you need a combination of the very latest technology and more traditional solutions using older applications, we can offer this with hybrid services that combine the traditional and tried-and-tested with the market’s latest and most innovative technology.

Customer testimonials customers cases

What do our customers say?

Our customers represent a wide cross-section of Nordic business. We currently handle IT operations for, among others, major private health providers, consultancy firms, auditing and legal service providers, companies in the construction, offshore and shipping sectors, property management companies and finance and insurance houses.

We also have many customers in the industrial and wholesale and retail sectors, as well as customers in a range of organisations and associations.

This gives us unique insight into IT operations for different requirements – knowledge that will benefit you in the shape of better and more innovative solutions for secure, efficient and uncomplicated IT operations.

Additionally, you can be assured of a substantial reduction in your IT operating costs.

“TeleComputing’s IT solution provides us with good stability and accessibility both on land and at sea. Their expertise has provided us with a larger technical environment to draw upon, as well as scalability and flexibility within the solution.”

Marianne Gade Gørbitz, CIO at Color Line


“We have reduced our costs considerably by outsourcing our IT operations and using TeleComputing’s cloud-based solutions. We also have a more secure solution than when we operated our own systems and servers.”

Italo Chirico, CIO for Engineering & Technology

Dolphin Drilling

“It's crucial to have a solution where everything works as it should do at all times.”

Svein Bjørnstad, CIO
Dolphin Drilling

Color Line

“By outsourcing part of our IT operations to TeleComputing, Color Line’s IT function has more capacity to concentrate on our business units and look at areas where IT solutions could contribute to increased sales and improved efficiencies.”


Marianne Gade Gørbitz, CIO
Color Line


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