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We understand the needs of the industrial sector

TeleComputing has been a dependable partner to both large and small industrial companies for many years. We know what the challenges have been, what the present difficulties can be, and what should be done today to avoid problems in five years’ time.

The industrial sector has helped to shape us as an IT supplier, and we have found flexible solutions for the majority of customers. We make a good sparring partner in the innovative use of computer systems and are always ready to take on a technical challenge.

Fleksible it solutions

Scalable solutions for upswings and downturns

Norwegian industry is subject to the competitive situation and fluctuations within the global economy. One important factor to consider, therefore, is that of having flexible IT solutions.

TeleComputing’s pricing models ensure that ICT-related costs are directly adjusted in line with the company’s level of business activity. The principle of fixed unit prices and variable quantities with no mandatory minimum purchase provides full flexibility for you as the customer.

Norwegian industry is characterised by innovation. IT solutions must support this by facilitating development and ensuring business needs are met. You shouldn’t have to worry about IT operations when launching new products, when the demand for a product changes or when it becomes necessary to scale manufacturing.

Cost-effectiveness and automation

In order to be able to compete with low-cost countries, Norwegian industry has to be as cost-effective as possible. This creates the need for efficient work processes, low IT costs per employee and increased automation of manufacturing processes.

TeleComputing has extensive experience in developing systems and infrastructure that lay the groundwork for automation. The right IT supplier will be a partner in the development of an increasingly efficient production process.

5 good reasons for industrial companies to outsource their      IT operations



Using TeleComputing for your IT operations gives you, in practice, “boundless capacity”. You don’t have to think about capacity when expanding or downsizing – that’s our responsibility.

Good technological solutions provide the capacity you need at any given time.

 Your company pays per user, which makes the cost very flexible and predictable.


Guaranteed access to expertise

It’s a challenge to maintain good IT services when your digital expertise is contained within just one or a few individuals. If those concerned don’t boost their specialist knowledge of all relevant areas on a constant basis, you can quickly find yourself in a difficult or vulnerable situation.

You would never allow this to happen to your shop floor employees, and nor should you let it happen to your IT personnel.


Supplier independent

When using TeleComputing for your IT operations, you only pay for what you use. The principle of fixed unit prices and variable quantities with no mandatory minimum purchase provides full flexibility and predictability when scaling business up or down.

Investing in IT infrastructure for managing peak loads in manufacturing normally leads to tied-up capital. This will never happen again if you use our services.


Supplier independent

You will never need to change your finance, checkout or CRM systems when you switch to TeleComputing. We are fully independent of your applications provider and give you complete freedom to choose your preferred software.

 Our solutions work equally well with all systems, and as a neutral third party, we prefer you to use the systems that work best for you.


Focus on your core activity

At TeleComputing we believe you should do whatever you’re best at. We believe you’re best at production and that our strength lies in IT operations. 

Our core business is to make sure that your IT systems are always up to date, that all your data is secure at all times and that all of your employees have access to the software and files they need to do a good job.

Microsoft gold partner

A unique partnership with Microsoft

TeleComputing is one of Microsoft’s most important service-provider partners and we spend a lot of time working with Microsoft to develop and customise services to suit Nordic businesses and conditions.

Our close partnership with Microsoft means we are amongst the first in the world to launch new Microsoft solutions. Our customers benefit from this by gaining access to the latest and most effective IT solutions on the market.
Guld Partner_enkel png.png
Hosting Partner of the Year 2014, 2015, 2016 and Best New Hybrid Offering 2016

For the third consecutive year, TeleComputing took home Microsoft’s Hosting Partner of the Year award. The award was made on the basis that we are forward-looking, concentrate on the latest technology and have made important contributions to Microsoft’s cloud initiative. In addition, we received the award for Best New Hybrid Offering 2016, which in practice means we are the best in class for combining local Norwegian cloud services with Microsoft’s global cloud solutions.

The partnership with Microsoft has made it possible for TeleComputing to offer the most modern cloud services platform on the market.

Hybric cloud of the year.jpg
Kjell Tore Espeseth accepts the award for Best New Hybrid Offering 2016 at the Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit.

Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure play key positions in our service provision

Office 365 occupies a natural position within every business or organisation. No other productivity tool is as inclusive or can offer collaborative working to the same degree as the latest office package from Microsoft. This is Office at its best – always up to date and on all of your devices.

Office 365 prod.png
However, IT is not always about providing office support alone: most businesses have a range of business-critical applications. Critical solutions deserve secure and optimised technical platforms based on technology from Microsoft and other leading players. For this we can offer, among other things, Microsoft Azure cloud services either from Microsoft’s international data centres or locally from our secure sites in Norway.
TCHybridCloud 2.png
If you need a combination of the very latest technology and more traditional solutions using older applications, we can offer this with hybrid services that combine the traditional and tried-and-tested with the market’s latest and most innovative technology.

Customer testimonials

What do our customers say?

Our customers represent a wide cross-section of Nordic business. We currently handle IT operations for, among others, major private health providers, consultancy firms, auditing and legal service providers, companies in the construction, offshore and shipping sectors, property management companies and finance and insurance houses.

We also have many customers in the industrial and wholesale and retail sectors, as well as customers in a range of organisations and associations.

This gives us unique insight into IT operations for different requirements – knowledge that will benefit you in the shape of better and more innovative solutions for secure, efficient and uncomplicated IT operations.

Additionally, you can be assured of a substantial reduction in your IT operating costs.


“We have had a great experience with TeleComputing, both in terms of solutions and the quality of the services. They play an important part in our ability to deliver flawless service to our internal and external customers.”

Erik Brekstad, IT Co-ordinator
Scandza, owner of Synnøve Finden


“We have had a great experience with TeleComputing, both in terms of solutions and the quality of the services. They play an important part in our ability to deliver flawless service to our internal and external customers.”

Ali Eskandari, IT-Manager


“From our point of view, outsourcing our IT services to TeleComputing is about gaining technical advantages and access to expert knowledge. We have a technical platform that would have been impossible to create from in-house investment, as well as access to TeleComputing’s knowledgeable consultants.”

Linus Axelsson, IT Director

Synnøve Finden

“We depend upon an experienced IT partner who offers flexible and scalable solutions customised to our needs

I feel that TeleComputing is a good partner that has grown with us; we are seen as a priority and receive good help and support from our dedicated key account manager.”

Erik Brekstad, IT Co-ordinator
Scandza, owner of Synnøve Finden

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