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There are many good reasons for the construction industry to outsource its IT operations – the top two are cost saving and predictability

TeleComputing has made IT operations easier and more cost effective for a number of the country’s largest contractors.

Our partners build houses, make roads and erect offices and industrial buildings and nearly everything else within the building and construction sector. The industry has many good reasons for outsourcing its IT operations – the top two are cost saving and predictability.

Contractors have one thing in common – they understand that in-house IT is a distraction from their core business. Our customers save time and money by letting us maintain their IT systems. This also results in increased predictability of costs and more secure and reliable operations.

We understand the needs of the construction sector

Tried-and-tested solutions that work

TeleComputing has been delivering IT services for twenty years and knows what works. As part of our SLA (Service Level Agreement), we guarantee almost continuous operation and uptime of your systems.

This is very important for contractors who have many large projects involving several collaborators and sub-contractors. When communications come to a halt, so does the project, and few companies can afford for that to happen often.

We have expert internal resources for meeting the IT needs of contractors. We’re talking about not just Microsoft Office but other important tools for project planning and project management. There are programs for everything: from calculating material quantities to designing solutions.

Our consultants have been working in this field for many years and can make sure your company has optimised solutions to gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

Save time and money and let go of your worries

If you’re still not convinced how smart it would be to let us handle your IT operations, consider the following. One or more of your IT managers fall ill and some problems arise with the programs you use. You can’t access some important project files and the project management tool is down.

Ask yourself what would happen if there was a fire in the premises housing your servers? And how would you explain to your customer that their project was going to be significantly delayed due to downtime on your computer systems?

Don’t waste unnecessary time and money on IT operations and stop worrying about maintenance and unforeseen expenses. Concentrate instead on your core business and on developing your services further. We’ll work together with your IT manager to ensure that your important business systems are operating safely and efficiently.

5 good reasons for contractors to outsource their IT operations



There are no investment costs. You avoid having to replace servers or repair equipment that suddenly breaks down. You pay a fixed price per employee, and that’s all.

This is a very scalable solution: it makes no difference whether you have ten, one hundred or one thousand employees. The IT solution is the same and TeleComputing takes care of its operation.


Cost savings

When you use TeleComputing for IT operations, you pay a fixed price per employee in your business. That means the cost is both flexible and predictable if you scale your business up or down.

When you invest large amounts in in-house systems, you could be left with an enormous bill if you temporarily or permanently reduce operations.




Our servers are located at a Green Mountain site – Norway’s most secure data centre. We share this data centre with the largest banks in the country, deep inside Norway’s mountains.

Safe from natural disasters, break-ins or theft, your data will also be protected from unfortunate events such as fires or lightning strikes, which can destroy sensitive servers in no time.


Focus on your core activity

Stick to your core business. Contractors are best at building houses, roads and installations... We’re best at data and IT operations. 

Just as TeleComputing wouldn’t build its own office premises or employ artisans for maintenance work, contractors should also concentrate on what they do best.




TeleComputing has a wealth of experience in delivering IT operations in the Nordic region. Several successful companies in the construction industry already use our solutions.

In addition, we have expert internal resources for meeting the IT needs of this sector – for example, important tools for use in project planning and management.

Microsoft gold partner

A unique partnership with Microsoft

TeleComputing is one of Microsoft’s most important service-provider partners and we spend a lot of time working with Microsoft to develop and customise services to suit Nordic businesses and conditions.

Our close partnership with Microsoft means we are amongst the first in the world to launch new Microsoft solutions. Our customers benefit from this by gaining access to the latest and most effective IT solutions on the market.

Guld Partner_enkel png.png
"Hosting Partner of the Year 2014, 2015, 2016" and "Best New Hybrid Offering 2016"

For the third consecutive year, TeleComputing took home Microsoft’s Hosting Partner of the Year award. The award was made on the basis that we are forward-looking, concentrate on the latest technology and have made important contributions to Microsoft’s cloud initiative. In addition, we received the award for Best New Hybrid Offering 2016, which in practice means we are the best in class for combining local Norwegian cloud services with Microsoft’s global cloud solutions.

The partnership with Microsoft has made it possible for TeleComputing to offer the most modern cloud services platform on the market.Hybric cloud of the year.jpg Her mottar Kjell Tore Espeseth prisen for "Best new Hybrid Cloud 2016" på Cloud and Hosting Summit AWARDS.

Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure play key positions in our service provision

Office 365 occupies a natural position within every business or organisation. No other productivity tool is as inclusive or can offer collaborative working to the same degree as the latest office package from Microsoft. This is Office at its best – always up to date and on all of your devices.

Office 365 prod.png
However, IT is not always about providing office support alone: most businesses have a range of business-critical applications. Critical solutions deserve secure and optimised technical platforms based on technology from Microsoft and other leading players. For this we can offer, among other things, Microsoft Azure cloud services either from Microsoft’s international data centres or locally from our secure sites in Norway.

TCHybridCloud 2.png
If you need a combination of the very latest technology and more traditional solutions using older applications, we can offer this with hybrid services that combine the traditional and tried-and-tested with the market’s latest and most innovative technology.

Customer testimonials

What do our customers say?

Our customers represent a wide cross-section of Nordic business. We currently handle IT operations for, among others, major private health providers, consultancy firms, auditing and legal service providers, companies in the construction, offshore and shipping sectors, property management companies and finance and insurance houses.

We also have many customers in the industrial and wholesale and retail sectors, as well as customers in a range of organisations and associations.

This gives us unique insight into IT operations for different requirements – knowledge that will benefit you in the shape of better and more innovative solutions for secure, efficient and uncomplicated IT operations.

Additionally, you can be assured of a substantial reduction in your IT operating costs.

“It’s extremely important for us at Stangeland Maskin AS that all of our IT systems are accessible at all times. This applies to all of our installations, project sites and our head office.

“TeleComputing helps us to obtain almost 100% uptime on all of our systems. With its high level of service and expertise, TeleComputing has been, and will continue to be, our preferred operational supplier of IT services.”

Kristian Fjermestad, IT Manager at Stangeland Maskin AS


“Server uptime is a critical issue for us, and TeleComputing is very good at delivering this. TeleComputing is a reliable supplier who listens to us as customers. In addition, we have a contact who supplies a close and efficient follow-up service.”

Thomas Kippenbroek Dahle, ERP & IT Manager

Block Berge

“Our entire business at Block Berge Bygg is dependent on having a high level of accessibility to our IT services. That’s why we are very satisfied with TeleComputing and the service they deliver.”

Tom Steinmoen
Block Berge

Hellvik Hus

“Hellvik Hus has been a customer of TeleComputing for many years, enabling us to release resources to further develop our core business. We are very confident about the security of our IT operation and very satisfied with the amount of uptime.”

Tore Vassvik, Økonomisjef
Hellvik Hus

Stangeland Maskin
Hellvikhus hovedlogo.jpg

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