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Stockhom HQ 

Box 85, 164 94 Kista
Knarrarnäsgatan 7, Kista Entré
164 40 Kista, Sverige

+46 (0)8 556 109 20
Servicedesk +46 (0)8 559 105 00

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Welcome to our Swedish headquaters in Kista, Stockholm.

Parking: There are approximately 80 spots available nearby Kista Entrance.

Subway: Take the metro to Kista and exit in the back of tha train and exit towards Kista Galleria. Follow Kistagången to the left through Kista Galleria and then follow the signs for Kista Science Tower. Turn left when you get out, cross over the walkway, then turn right. Now you have Kista Entrance right in front of you.

Commuter train: Take the train from Södertälje to Arlanda, get off at Station Helenelund. From Helenelund you can either walk or take one of the many buses that stay in Kista.