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vision and values

Our vision and values are more than fancy words in speeches. It is our strategy, our inspiration and our goal.

Our vision is - helping customers create business value through ITBy developing better and more user friendly cloud services, we will give companies and organizations IT operations that are cost-efficient, flexible and future-oriented.

TeleComputing is known as the specialist in the field of professional cloud-based IT operations in the Nordic region. Our employees are characterised by our values. Closeness, inspiration, drive and quality.

TeleComputing works according to four values that we adhere to in everything we do. 


At TeleComputing we work closely and proactively with our customers and partners. We listen, understand and give advice. We have an inclusive culture that provides a strong sense of belonging and responsibility. Our interactions - whether external or internal - are characterised by openness, consideration and respect.


At TeleComputing we live for our work and give all we have. We share and spread our knowledge. We encourage each other to do "a little more" and "a little better" - each and every day. Our continuous improvement is characterised by the fact that we are solution-oriented and dare to think innovatively.


At TeleComputing we set ambitious goals. We dare to set high standards for ourselves and others. We want to be the best at everything we do. Our will to win is characterised by team spirit, effort, attention to detail and perseverance.


At TeleComputing we manage expectations. We take responsibility and deliver what we have promised. We are professional and profitable for our customers and ourselves. Our solutions make IT easy and create value for our customers.

Delivery of IT-Services with Information Security, Quality and Environmental Sustainability in all activities, and act according to legislation and contracts.
- Safeguarding confidentiality, integrity and availability of customer and personal information.
- Managed processes with continual improvement to enhance customer satisfaction and company profits.
- Manage and reduce environmental impact.

TeleComputing employees, customers, suppliers and others can use our whistleblowing process  to prevent and identify illegal and/or unethical violation of company policies/rules, national laws, regulations, or threat to public interest/national security, fraud and corruption. Any concerns shall be addressed to our company attorney. The whistleblower can, if requested, remain anonymous.

TeleComputing attorney:
Advokat Jon Schultz
Mobile: (+47) 91 70 75 00
Email: js@advokatsenteret.no

Address: PB 323, N-1301 Sandvika

TeleComputing has chosen to use ISO 9001/27001/14001 as standards for its own management system. The management system is continuously revised and certified by DNV GL.


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